Our salon has a focus on Aveda products but we feature a variety of other brands including Paul Mitchell, Joico, Ya'girls Lashes and tools for all your haircare needs.


We are very proud to introduce our newest addition to our product line: Ya'girls Lashes! Our salons stock three different styles you can choose to meet your style, mood and personality.  And if you're new to wearing lashes, our professionals can assist you with a service to aid in your application and teach you how to wear and care for your lashes.  Also available is lash glue to ensure you receive a high quality recommended glue to keep your lashes on longer.  Ya'girls Lashes is a local company, owned by one of our very own stylists, Sky.  We are proud to support local business owners and entrepreneurs!


AVEDA!  A 100% Vegan line!  We're changing up our game and providing our guest with top of the line products that not only are great for your hair, but wonderful for our environment.  AVEDA does not use artificial perfumes.  Instead, they create their own pure-fume experience.  Using pure flower and plant essences.  That's why when people say, "It smells like AVEDA", it does!  And being 100% paraben free and 90% all natural products, The Hair Lounge is proud to partner with AVEDA to make a difference in our community.